Alinsky, Purple Penguins, and Today's Marxist Left (Social Regressives)

Protestant children are taught in Sunday School that the first job God gave Adam was to give names to all the animals. From the Gensis Creation Story we learn that words are important. And that words really have meaning. We are taught that at the time of Christ's resturn the lion will lie down with the lamb. If media started blabbing nonstop that lambs and lions are cuddling togerher in a pen at the Fort Worth Zoo, one would call them liars. Empirical Reality would refute that. Peace hasn’t found a home in this world and it would be sheer foolishness or even dangerous to believe the media's nonsense. So why do we accept the language the Social Regressives (formerly known as Social Progressives) or SRs chooses to win their political battles?

In the book the Government Zero by Michael Savage, the author cites certain virtues and behaviors the SRs see as necessary for their transformation of America. One of them is the importance of redefining words as fits their agenda. According to Saul Alinsky, this is one of the rules for radicals. As Alinsky notes in Chapter 3 in the book by the same title, Rules for Radicals:
The passions of mankind have boiled over into all areas of political life, including its vocabulary. The words most common in politics have become stained with human hurts, hopes, and frustrations. All of them are loaded with popular opprobrium, and their use results in a conditioned, negative, emotional response. Even the word politics itself, which Webster says is “the science and art of government,” is generally viewed in a context of corruption. Ironically, the dictionary synonyms are “discreet; provident, diplomatic, wise.”
The same discolorations attach to other words prevalent in the language of politics, words like power, self-interest, compromise, and conflict. They become twisted and warped, viewed as evil. Nowhere is the prevailing political illiteracy more clearly revealed than in these typical interpretations of words. This is why we pause here for a word about words. We must redefine in a new language of the oppressed what is being communicated. Taking language away from the oppressor and handing it over to disadvantaged of race, ethnicity, and economic class. Making words fit our fight and using these words to attack, destroy, and hold down the oppressors.
Funny, Alinsky dedicated his piffle ridden tome to Satan whom Alinsky noted, "Has been my mentor and idol early on." Perhaps giving away what his real goal was. Satan is after all, the master liar and deceiver. The people of the United States have been confronted with a lexicon promoted by the malevolent Marxist Left and its demonic minions that redefine words so that they no longer have meaning. 

Now bastardizing a language isn’t enough, they want to rewire children for a political agenda that will, at best, confuse them and at worst harm them. The handout teachers got in Omaha from the Education Department promoted using “non-sexist” language like calling boys and girls purple penguins and allowing each student to choose the pronoun he or she prefers in addressing oneself. Going so far as to say, "Gender is an artificial construct and one can simply define themselves individually by their identification with which ever gender or combination they choose." Got that? Six year olds are being told they can simply choose gender because it is an identification.

I have worked with children as a pastor or volunteer in homeless shelters and anti-gang programs for more than 20 years. In that time I have met NO children confused about their identity. The handout comes from Gender-Spectrum, a Department of Education think tank, which can be found here Note the name. Gender does not exist on a spectrum, just like marriage isn’t between a couple of the same sex. That doesn’t mean they can’t live together or have a civil union. Historically, marriage is a bond between a man and a woman in order to procreate and raise a family.

According to the thesurus, diversity means variance or dissmilarity. Instead of respecting the differnces among us, whether it’s cultures or individuals; our government, Lefty NGOs and assorted left of center political groups demand that we pretend we’re all the same, when just looking at the differnces in members of any family refutes that ridiculous notion. 

The word apartheid comes from the Afrikanner language of South Africa. It was a rigorous system of separating the races. Israel is called an "apartheid” nation when it is as inclusive as the USA or more so. There are Muslim Arabs, Christians, Druze, and all shades of complexions in the IDF, government, and in every neighborhood. Signs and paperwork are printed in Hebrew and Arabic. Zionism is racist, but Judaism is not. Zionism is the push for a solely Jewish state of Israel.  Judaism is a religion that worships a single God with its people lineage traced back to Abraham, given their law on Mt. Sinai, and grounded in the Torah.  Not all Jews are Zionist. Just as not all Afrikanners supported apartheid.

We are told by our president, Barack Hussein Obama, that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS is not Islamic. Well, if it’s in the title of that dangerous and murderous organization then that’s what it is. And when we’re told to believe that beheading “infidels”, slaughtering Christians, and taking young Christian girls as sex slaves is not the real “religion of peace” maybe those female sex slaves were really purple penguins as defined by the SRs. Unmasking the unwitting fools of Satan is as easy as looking behind the deceptions of the far left SR movement.


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