Christmas Is Not Christian

As a Puritan it is inevitable that the mention of Christmas will come up and the question as to why Puritans to this day still refuse to celebrate Christmas.  Then the comments of, "Well you do believe in the birth of Christ, so what is so bad about celebrating His birth?"  "Tradition is just as important as scripture."  "Just for the kids to have fun is all the reason you need."

It is obvious folks really have no idea about what Puritans strive for.  We strive for three things: Giving glory to God alone, purifying our lives through our faith and worship of Christ, and offering to God a pure worship.  What is bad about celebrating the birth of Christ is the fact Christ in the Gospels commanded His death be memorialized through communion, not His birth nor resurrection.  We are to keep in mind the death of the Savior as our passover.  That is the feast we are to keep in the celebration of communion.

Tradition is not as important as scripture is.  It was a tradition for many to sacrifice human beings, but when one is saved by Christ the scriptures become the guide for living not human constructs of tradition.  For many Puritans the same goes for the tradition of birthdays.

Giving the kids a fun day is not a proper reason for celebrating Christmas.  It does nothing but reinforce the narcissism rampant in society.  Placating children with presents, food, and entertainment only raises petulant children who grow into even more petulant adults who refuse any just authority because Christmas reinforced the "It is about me" mindset.

Christmas is rooted in pagan practices from Rome, Assyria, Druids, Wicca, and all other witchcraft rooted pagan religions.  It is to this day a Roman Catholic holiday that was adopted by other Catholics of the Anglican and Lutheran traditions.  No real Christian would dare insult our Savior by even wishing to celebrate this day.  In fact for many Christmas was not even a holiday until the mid 19th century.  A Christian would do well to avoid any association with this day.


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