Nagoya Homeless 名古屋市のホームレス

Tents at Meijo Park  テントで名城公園

Homeless Camp Under Highway  ホームレスのカンプー

Homeless Sleep in Sakae Station  ホームレスは栄地下鉄駅でねっています

There are those who contend that the homeless are lazy.  This is untrue.  The homeless in Nagoya are victims of a weak economy.  Nagoya has no homeless shelter the homeless are forced to sleep in tents made of umbrellas, tarp, or boxes.  They sleep in parks and in train stations.  Some even just sleep on a sidewalk.  This is unjust.
I seek to begin a homeless day center in Nagoya.  The homeless will be able to get a meal, shower, and do laundry.  If you are willing to help then please contact me at the address to the side.  Thank you.


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